Belinda LockBelinda Lock
About this time 6 weeks a go I wrote an email to a Steve whose name was at the bottom of a ‘Get into Triathlons” poster I found on the Internet.
A few hours later that Steve guy called me and told me I could come along to the swim session the next morning to see what I thought. I remember thinking when the phone call ended. “Crap I think I am really going to do a triathlon finally…”
This morning I swam 2.6km! By far the furthest I have ever swam.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take this journey. I am loving every milestone. Every new achievement. Smashing goals I hadn’t even thought to make yet. Yes! I am addicted. It is so good to feel this alive!

Greg MacDonaldGreg MacDonald
“I have known Steve Vaughan for nearly 10 years in a sporting capacity. In that time l have coached various aussie rules football teams from teenagers to senior adult players. During that period Steve has the ability to relate to young adults as well as the experienced veterans. Steve’s major attribute is his endless energy levels, plus his willingness and desire to throw himself into any challenge. Tell Steve it is too hard and watch him work his magic. He is such a motivating person and has the distinct trait to impart his motivation onto the playing group. Do the players think his mad – well of course, but they love him and can see the real benefits of his training regime.
Variety and fun is the cornerstone of his training programs. Can it be tough – by golly yes, but can he get the best from you without breaking your spirit – the answers the same – YES.
What does Steve get out of it? Over the years of our association together, it has been obvious what turns Steve on – seeing individuals/teams grow and reach their potential.
It is not always about winning but the journey to get to the end. In Steve’s mind it is not the start that matters but how you finish. I am blessed to know Steve. You need to get to know Steve Vaughan.

Ishtiaq ChowdhuryIshtiaq Chowdhury
I thought the program was a great gateway to more intense exercise. The atmosphere was always positive. However, I thought the best above all was yourself, who made it so good. Couple of highlights:
* Running back to support the slow runners: This practice I loved the most. It builds team and gives the sense, for everyone, that we are in it together. Not as individual. Also teaches the life lesson that never leave your friends behind.
* The smile: It was great to feel that you did not get too serious about the training. Yes, we are trying to complete a triathlon. However, we are there to do it for the first time and none of us (except few may be) were athletes. You had a laid back attitude and encouraged us to give our maximum. And that famous giggle of yours was always so funny…:)
I could go on, but I think the above two was what kept bringing me back.

Jacinta SpitzerJacinta Spitzer
I  really enjoyed the Get Into Triathlon program with such motivation coaching and getting to know a great group of people. I have wanted to complete a triathlon in the past few years but was never quite sure where to begin, how to train or any rules associated with triathlons. The GIT program was a great way to get fit, get into the sport of triathlon and feel a great sense of achievement at the end. I thought it was really fantastic to see that the program was able to cater for all abilities and that over the course of 6 weeks every participant improved fitness and speed. Our super motivating coach (Steve Vaughan) always made training session enjoyable, informative and diverse.
I feel so much fitter and more motivated to continue to improve my fitness. It was really helpful to have such fantastic and enthusiastic coaches that were always available to ask questions and made the fitness journey less of an impossible task. Each week I looked forward to the coming training sessions and felt the encouragement during training significantly helped me push my self to improve and train to the best of my ability.
Thanks Scubes. I really enjoyed the triathlon on Sunday and it really made me see my strengths and weaknesses and I am now much more motivated to continue to keep training and participate in more triathlons in the future!

Jacob TorresJacob Torres
The ‘Get Into Triathlon’ course has been an enjoyable and educational 6 weeks that taught me many things about triathlons and the techniques to help me go faster. I always looked forward to training as they were extremely fun and because i knew i would learn something new every time i would go.
The whole group has been an amazing group not only to train and compete with but to be great friends with. This has been aided by you and and the team of coaches (Eugene, Paul, Lee, etc.) being great coaches and a great people in general.
It has been a pleasure to be a part of the GIT program and i hope there are even more people in the next GIT course.

Kathy BuxtonKathy Buxton
Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal of completing my first mini triathlon. It doesn’t seem like six weeks ago that I contacted you to ask if it would be crazy for a 52 year old, overweight and unfit women to dare to think this goal was achievable.
You taught me how to ride a bike (literally), how to push myself and encouraged every tiny step forward. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. I particularly liked the way you turned 20 individuals who ranged from 16 years old to me (the oldest), some fit, some not (me) and turned us into a team. What a wonderful achievement, to get all of us across the line and it is a testament to your coaching skills to have 5 out of 20 on the Podium!
Sincerely, thank you again for your wonderful coaching skills, your encouragement and support.

Mel JefferyMel Jeffery
GIT has been hands down the best group training program that I have taken part in. Scuba was encouraging of every single person from the word go no matter their ability, and pushed us all to get as much out of the training as we could. To get 5 out of 20 people on to the podium in their very first triathlon is evidence of a pretty great coach! I would recommend this program without hesitation, I felt so welcome in the group and loved every training session. Overall GIT was nothing less than awesome and I’m sad that it’s over!!
… I mean it scubes! I loved it and Nuna tri club have definitely not seen the end of me, I’ll be getting myself one of those blue uniforms and racing with the club ASAP!

Peng LeePeng Lee
Thank you for taking us through the GIT program. Your friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable approach to a group including those new to triathlons, fitness (or both!) was much appreciated. While we were striving to improve our times and techniques, the training sessions were always enjoyable, supportive and delivered with good humour. I will definitely be recommending others to give the GIT program a try.

Steven KambourisSteven Kambouris
Get Into Triathlon was the best training program I’ve taken part in. Steve/Scuba and his assisting coaches were enthusiastic, patient and encouraging to all the participants, no matter what our ability level. They shared their vast knowledge of all the ins and outs of racing to make us prepared and confident for our first triathlon.
The program was well structured, with all components (swimming, running, cycling, transitions) covered thoroughly, and you really got a feeling of progress with each session. It was especially motivating to be working towards the specific goal of completing a Mini Tri on a set date, and reassuring to know that the group would be doing their first race together. The friendliness and inclusiveness of the group and the mutual support that everyone offered to each other was the best aspect; I feel really enthused about going on and doing more races with the club, knowing that there will be friendly faces at each training session and race to help me along and to develop as a triathlete.

Tanya JennissenTanya Jennissen
The GIT journey for me was motivating, challenging and fun. Scuba was not only encouraging but had a great understanding of peoples fitness and where they were at at that time in their fitness journey. Steve was full of energy and you always felt like you had done the best that you could in that training session. Their was alot of teamwork within the group and this came from the coaching, as a triathlon is a very individual sport, we were shown how to train as a group and push one another to get over the line, everytime.
GIT is a wonderful way to take your personal fitness to a whole new level and meet some amazing people along the way. I know this is only the beginning for me in triathlon, i am now at a stage that my mind is mentally tough enough to take on the next challenge, see you at the sprint in a month!
Thankyou again Scuba, really glad i met you and you were able to guide me through the first steps of hopefully a very long journey.

Cam GlynnCam Glynn
Working with Steve (Scuba) Vaughan has been the best decision that I have ever made helping me achieve my personal goals!
Following some major lifestyle changes I had set myself some short term and long term goals, and one of them was to run the Melbourne marathon before I turned 40. I had completed three half marathons before I thought that it was time to tackle the big ONE!
I had set out on my Journey confident in my own abilities, Boy was I wrong! I was struggling with the amount of mileage and dedication you need to complete a marathon in a respectable time.
As fate would have it I met Steve over dinner, and after a short conversion I was in awe of Steve’s achievements both with Ironman & Triathlon. To cut to the chase I told him that I was struggling and not enjoying my journey. Steve offered his own time to help me achieve my goal, Not only was it great to run distance with someone else he helped me with two key attributes NUTRITION & HYDRATION.
I completed the Marathon and had one of the most awesome experiences in my life! 
But my journey does not stop. I am now part of a group of people from all walks of life that meet every Saturday morning working on a new goal, Tough Mudder Melbourne. Steve runs a boot style camp that works on all aspects of fitness and core strength.
What I love about the sessions are the people I have met and become friends with. Guys & Girls that have the same interest and want to get the best out of life.
I have also cancelled my expensive gym membership and use Steve as a PT to help me with my new Journey; Qualification for the Boston marathon. Thru the personal one on one sessions I have found Steve to be very approachable and professional. We are currently working on strength endurance speed and weight management.
We are three weeks into my journey and I am feeling stronger and more confidant to be able to have the tools to complete my journey.
 The science of Physical Training has moved a long way in the past 10 years and Steve is using cutting edge, effective strategies to help his clients. More than this, he practices the art of Personal Training with energy, enthusiasm and great good humour.

Ian HowardIan Howard
I trained Ian Howard over a 20 week period, at the start of his journey his main goals were to lose weight and increase his cardio fitness. When we first met Howie weighed in at 100kg and struggled to run 4km. I quickly found that he was really determined to achieve his goal and before too long we re-evaluating things.
We set our sights on the Marysville Half Marathon, a distance and event he had always wanted to do but didn’t think it was within reach. Not only did Howie complete the Half Marathon, he finished 9th overall in 1.39.40 and managed to lose 16kg along the journey. He now has his eyes set on returning next year and possibly even his first Marathon.

Meagan HarveyMeagan Harvey
Scuba, your enthusiasm and ongoing support and encouragement to me and the GIT team was inspirational. You truly are a sensational coach. I loved the six week journey with you and the GIT team. Thanks again.