Change your life by being a crew Member of My Fitness Journey!
“We Love this” Scuba Steve encourages you to become your best! No excuses- the results are proof of hard work & dedication. Meet new people who become your friends by having the same goals & encouraging you . No judgement just good vibes -to keep you on your Fitness Journey!

Annette Kourtis

Don’t believe in new year resolutions so instead set myself a goal of improving my health, physically and mentally. So I have thrown myself in to the sessions at The Hub and trail walks, and have absolutely loved every minute of it (even though my swearing would say otherwise!). I’ve met new friends who inspire and motivate me every day, and the comradery at these sessions is amazing. I am very close to losing 6kgs for January which for me is huge! So to those who have driven me this month, I say thanks!
Everyone has their own story and that’s what makes the group amazing. Scuba has done an incredible job at creating such an awesome atmosphere to train in. He puts so much enthusiasm and effort in to each session, you can’t help but be motivated.

Lisa Williams

Steve is a wonderful fitness trainer with the utmost integrity & determination to make fitness enjoyable & not a chore. Highly recommended. Anyone who suggests otherwise clearly doesn’t know him nor have they ever been trained by him. 5 Star Review!

Allison Rycroft Miller